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“My dentist referred me to Dr. Sosnay because I was experiencing extreme tooth pain. Throughout the experience, I was very gratified by the professionalism Dr. Sosnay exhibited as well as the thoughtful empathy he extended to me – a stranger!  I sincerely appreciate all that he has done for me.”    P.D.  


“I was very nervous when I was told I needed a root canal. However, Dr. Sosnay was so gentle  – I did not feel a thing throughout the entire procedure!”     M.B.  

Dr. Sosnay treated our daughter. We feel indebted to him for all of his time and patience. Not only was he able to get our daughter out of pain, he also spent so much time consulting all the medical professionals who were involved in her case.”

M Family

“Dr. Sosnay made my “root canal process” so virtually pleasant.  His kindness and enthusiasm for his work makes being his patient an honor.  I am so grateful for all that he has done for me.”  K.S. 

We have tremendous appreciation for Dr. Sosnay’s time, expertise and care he demonstrated when he treated our son.  Our son came home from his appointment raving that he met “the best Dr. ever” and that “It didn’t hurt a bit!” Dr. Sosnay’s kindness has touched us! ”   Mr. & Mrs. R

“When I heard I needed a root canal, my mind drifted to all those horror stories my friends have told me of tremendous pain, sleepless nights, multiple trips to the dentist, infection, swelling…My anxiety heightened as I researched more, started calling referred endodontists and tried to figure out how I would make this fit into my busy work schedule.  Then I called the office of Dr. Michael Sosnay in Manhattan and my anxiety lifted immediately.  His hours and location were ideal and his reassuring explanation of the procedure and calming personality made all the difference.  The whole experience was a pleasure! It sounds unbelievable to call a root canal a “pleasure” but dealing with Dr. Sosnay was truly a relaxing and hassle free experience. He informed me of the progress and what he was doing all  along the way so I know what to expect.  His professionalism and cutting edge equipment made the procedure go as quick and smoothly as possible.  The experience was pain free and the follow up was as well.  He offered me medication for pain afterwards but I did not even need it.  It is my pleasure to highly recommend him to my friends and family.”  K.F. 

“Dr. Sosnay made what I feared to be an upleasant experience quite the contrary. I was in a lot of pain before my visit and he took great care to ensure I was comfortable.”   R.G.

“Dr. Sosnay, thank you so much for your great work and your generosity – it is amazing to be pain free!”   J.W.

“Dr. Sosnay has performed three root canals on me.  His aim is to see that the patient is not in pain. He is pleasant, courteous and always professional. He does not allow a patient to leave his office until he has done everything that he can to provide relief.  He listens to complaints and does everything he can to find the source of the problem and eliminate it in the least painful way.”   Z.S.