Pediatric Endodontics


Endodontic Treatment for Children

  • Primary Teeth

Due to deep decay, infection, or trauma, root canal treatment may be necessary to save a primary tooth. Primary tooth retention is often important to maintain space and avoid future orthodontic treatment. If necessary, a modified version of an adult root canal treatment can be performed with predictable success. 

  • Immature Permanent Teeth

Sometimes endodontic treatment is necessary for a child on a permanent tooth as a result of decay, nerve infection, or trauma. The goal is to retain as much of the healthy nerve tissue as possible because it’s necessary to help the tooth complete its development.  Modified versions of root canal therapy can be performed to acheive this desired result. 

  • Injuries In Children:

An injured immature tooth may need one of the following procedures to improve the chances of saving the tooth:


In cases in which the nerve is exposed, yet still healthy, Apexogenesis is utilized to encourage the root to continue development. The exposed nerve tissue is covered with medication in order to keep it alive and healthy.  


In cases in which the nerve is no longer vital, the unhealthy pulp is removed. In the past, medication was placed into the root canal system to help the root tip develop to provide a barrier for the root canal filling. The modern approach utilizes a bone compatible material called MTA to seal the apex and fill the root canal system immediately.  In addition, nerve regeneration techniques are available and used in select cirmcumstances.